12 Top Memes Trends in the Parallel Universe

Memes have become the life saviour and Stress Booster for everyone these days.. We have seen a lot of trends in the last two years from ‘Aunty Gormint’ to ‘Anant Ambani’ proving that anythimg can become a Meme Trend.

But How would your Favourite Meme Trends appear in the Parallel Universe.

Heres a Compilation done by the members of ‘Tribe of the Dardnaak Jokes’ group on Facebook which will leave you in Splits.

1. The first post of ‘Aunty Gormint’ which Ignited the Trend 🔥

2. Sashan Prasashan aur Ajaz Khan ki Izzat karte hai

3. When the Things are Extra Surakshit

4. As simple as that

5. Heres one for Hygienic CCD

6. Straight Edge Kamlesh

7. Munnabhai Never got his Revenge

8. Arey Bapu!

9. Espresso Fererro roche…

10. Aur Namaz Padhni hai bhai

11. Qureshi sahab ke Engineering ke Paise bach gaye

12. Kaaaash Aisa hota..

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