After 24 Surgeries, Bangalore Man Can Grow Weed Right On His Fingers, Calls Himself “Pablo Unglibar”


The youth in India is definitely an extraordinary lot. From Vimal to soluchan we can do almost anything. But one man from Bangalore took it up a notch by claiming and proving that he can grow weed (marijuana) in his hands.




Jassim Hammed , 25, from Bangalore claims he can grow weed on his hands. He says “god speaks to me”. He once had a conversation with God which went like.
“Hey god are want to be near you up in the sky as high”, god responded to him by saying “say no more”. And from that day on he could grow weed on his hands and get high instantly.

Miraculous indeed, Jassim is soon said to be featured in the ripley’s believe it or not for his extraordinary talent. And with his ability he beats the current networth of most billionaires at 69 billion $.





Why can’t we have more people like Jassim. I urge all of our viewers to start believe and talking to god so next we can write an article on a person who can spit soluchan.

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