25 Lakh Unemployed Indian College Students Get Placed In Bajrang Dal Pvt Ltd – Beats Big Companies Like FB, Goog..


For engineers it is the time they all dread, a time that decides their future. It’s time for placements. This year many companies came and took students in handfuls. Like Fb, Google, Infosys,TCS and others. But recently this new organisation broke all records at mass recruiting. The organisation commonly known as “Bajrang Dal”.



Bajrang Dal has recruited over 25,00,000 students from engineering colleges all over India. With salaries starting at 6.9 lakh per annum. The employees need 6.9 cgpa, and a single relationship status since birth. The organisation requires its employees to be master stalkers and get any girl/guys info from FB.




All in all it’s actually quite a good deal and very fitting for most of the engineering students. Since these criteria’s can be met with ease for an engineering student. We urge all aspiring engineers to quickly fill the form and get recruited. The future is now.

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