4 Things You Should Buy Right Now To Make Your Valentine’s Day Adventurous & Exciting!


We prepared a special list of things y’all should get ASAP to make your upcoming Valentine’s day adventurous and crazy af!


  1. White Authentic Ethnic Cotton/Silk Kurta



What better than our own Ethnic Indian wear? Head over to nearby bazaar or amazon and get yourself an amazing white kurta. Should cost around INR 200-10000 (depending on your aukat and location)



2. Silk Woven Orange-Safron Scarf



Safron color sets you right apart from anyone. It adds a feel of vigor, pride and “bajrang”-ness in your personality. Get it from a bazaar or online for under INR 500



3. Ancient Indian Raja Sword



This is the most important of all, a weapon of sheer excellence and power. Head up to the nearby pawn shop and get one of these.


4. Red Color Pooja Tika




Ah, the icing on the cake. Put up a nice thaali red colored tikka on your forehead to complete the amazing Bajrang look.


That’s it, now you’re all set to become a part of the legendary Bajrang Dal and make your Valentine’s Day the best ever. Jai BAJRANGI!



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