Diljit Dosanjh Gone Into Depression After Hearing About Kylie’s New Born Daughter


Diljit Dosanjh is one celebrity in India who has been recently coming in the lime light for his outspoken comments on Hollywood celebrities Instagram pictures. A big troll once upon a time, this very man has gone into depression after hearing about kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and new born daughters, it’s even hard to say if he’ll come back to singing.

He has been put into rehab for taking drugs and repeating the words “kuddi preganant lagdi aaah”. Poor man can’t even swallow food. It’s sad to see his state , by which we mean his state Punjab where drugs are available so easily and his addiction triggered in a jiffy.


Diljit Dosanjh has started even replying to his DM’s saying “kuddi pregnant lagdi aaah”. It’s sad to see kylie Jenner couldn’t appreciate his love for her and chose a drug head who could possibly sedate the entire Punjab with the smell of his cheap braids.



Take care diljit bhai. Gal Gadot de Degi.


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