Kanpur Man Claims That The Moon Turned Blood Red Today Because He Spat Vimal On It


The lunar eclipse also called the blue moon or super moon was celebrated around the world today. But in India one man has his own theories and explanations behind it. He believe it turned red due to his continuous spitting of Vimal towards the moon.



29 year old Vijay Devgand Singh claims to have spat more than 7469 paans in the night sky claiming his paan spit has turned the moon red and that this is his creations and should be credited for it. But in all honesty in a world where anything is possible it is unfair for us to rule out this possibility too.



However truth be told Vijay Devgand Singh was on major saste nashe and has been seen over dosing on Vimal couple of times. Hence believing his story is quite risky. We urge all our viewers never do saste Nashe at home or at school. Stay safe and remember believing your saste nashe thoughts are more important than real scientific logic.

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