Kylie Jenner Gives Birth To A Baby Girl, Wants To Keep Her Name Kumari Jenner


In India only a handful people keep up with Hollywood gossip but this particular celebrity is one who the entire nation knows. We don’t know why? But we know her. 20 year old Kylie Jenner recently had a baby girl with Travis Scott. At an age most of us are at 2nd year college having no achievement to our name. She has a baby whose name she intends to keep “Kumari Jenner Scott”



Kylie Jenner has always been in the lime light for her posing in kinky outfits. Engaging in premarital sex is something common and not a bad thing. But keeping the 9th month old product of that is a whole other responsibility at all. It’s safe to say we will soon see Kumari as a star having an Instagram handle more popular than yours,  mine and all the readers of this article combined, within couple of hours if she doesn’t have one already.




We only hope that the girl gets right exposure, anyways she already has three grand mothers, one scandalous family, an over exposing and explicit mother and a father who looks like he has been over dosing on Vimal.



Stay safe kumari. We are here for you. #PrayForKumari

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