Taimur Speaks His First Words Infront Of Media & It’ll Shock You 😱😱😱


One of India’s biggest child artist who is a meme and troll super star none other than Taimur Ali Khan, has finally spoken his first words in front of the media. And the words were “tumhaari maa ka bhosda media waalo” which is downright the cutest thing ever.



Taimur being a prince of Pataudi and soon of the Bollywood industry seems like a super outspoken person. We are sure we will see more memes on him coming very soon. Taimur is a celebrity the world wants to know everything about, and why not ? All that he does in a day is cry, crawl and talk back to the media XD.





Even though we have major things to worry about like the budget of 2018 and bitcoins being banned our top priority will always be this prince of Pataudi. It’s safe to say we are going in a great direction and our priorities are set straight when it comes to knowledge and currently affairs.

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